October 6, 2020

The Healthy
Hotel Room

Over the last several months, an ongoing topic of conversation with our Hospitality team has been: what does the future of guestroom design hold? As we adapt to the evolving requirements of hoteliers, jurisdictions, and the enhanced expectation of guests and staff alike, we’ve been exploring specific short- and long-term solutions for our pandemic and post-pandemic world. 

High-Level Guestroom Modifications

What does a healthy hotel guestroom mean? The changes aim at maximizing easily cleanable surfaces and minimizing places where bacteria can grow on surfaces, upholstery, and furnishings, all while providing the amenities and ambiance guests crave. We’ve laid out each area of the room, distilling recommendations and reasoning for the approach. Our primary goal: create a guestroom that blends the best of healthcare and hospitality design principles while providing hotel owners with strategic tactics that can increase their guests’ peace of mind.

Lounge Space

The classic arm chair is replaced with a selection that incorporates minimal seams and antimicrobial, bleach-cleanable fabrics.

Work Space

This set up incorporates easily cleanable laminate casegoods and a molded plastic desk chair, so guests have both a comfortable place to get their work done and a place to store some of their belongings. The layout is specifically designed so housekeeping can easily wipe these spaces down during cleanings.

Sleep Space

The customizable mural wall vinyl combined with a wood-look wall accent with metal inlay headboard give this bedroom a sophisticated look, all while being easy to clean after each guest.

Closet Space

The easily cleanable closet functions as both a space for guest belongings and a designated place for in-room disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer. Don’t forget the hidden towel drop cupboard accessible from the corridor, which minimizes guests’ interactions with housekeeping while providing for fresh linens throughout their stay.

Finish Palette

Each finish was strategically chosen for antimicrobial properties, ease of cleaning and durability over time. Not all finishes are created equal and the healthy hotel room should incorporate finishes that can stand up to vigorous, frequent disinfecting. To prevent the spread of viruses and to limit bacteria growth, Shaw Floors also recommends using Enviropro EPA registered disinfectant, fungicidal, virucidal sanitizer spray for hard surfaces.

HVAC Considerations

Air quality is a critical aspect of the healthy hotel room – or any room, for that matter. If you’re renovating an existing space, our MEP experts recommend considering portable HEPA filters in guest corridors, setting PTAC or VTAC unit fans to run continuously and adding MERV 13 filters to existing units where possible.

Building new? There are lots of great options for bringing fresh air in. Consider alternatives to PTACs, including a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with an energy recovery system, water-source heat pump, VRF, or four-pipe fan coil, which can be fitted with MERV 13 filtration. Explore permanently-installed HEPA filtration or ultraviolet germicidal lights, and supplemental humidification.

Looking Forward

There’s no doubt brand standards will continue to evolve in the coming months and years in response to this pandemic, including many of the options above. In the meantime, we’re here to help.

Want to learn more or understand how to make modifications to your hotel? We’d love to chat. Reach out here and we’ll set up a time for a consultation.


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