Are we taking a big enough step toward future change? That’s the question Union Bank & Trust posed to Baskervill as we partnered with them to dissect how the largest community bank in Virginia could strike a powerful first impression with its customers. We started with Sightline, the process we use to guide decision-makers toward shared consensus and a singular vision for design. Wanting a branch concept that’s aligned with Union’s innovative vision for the future, the group devised a robust prototype framework that would capture the essence of Union in a way that celebrates each branch location’s individuality without sacrificing consistency for customers.

For this location at Iron Bridge Road—the first built prototype that will be completed by the end of 2018—our designers developed a concept that captures Union’s bold and timeless brand: Crisp signage, dashes of Union’s electric green, robust technology, and lots of natural light have a place in the branch’s 2,250 square feet. A materials palette featuring both classic and contemporary styles of brick, steel and glass simultaneously showcases the brand’s rich community-focused heritage as well as its forward-thinking philosophy on the future of retail banking, all while supporting Union’s current locations and future expansion into new markets.

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