Riverstone Technology Park is located one hour from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, bounded by Highway 28 to the south, the Dan River to the north, developed land to the east, and agricultural land to the west. The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Halifax County contacted Baskervill for assistance in developing a master plan to develop the park over multiple years to help drive business and industry to the area. The IDA wanted to create an environment attractive to small- and medium-sized companies in the areas of research and development, information technology, and biotechnology.

The resulting master plan encompasses 165 acres currently zoned M2 within a Virginia Enterprise Zone. The focus of development is office, information technology, biotechnology, telecommunications, technical research, and manufacturing uses and allows for parcel sizes ranging from four acres to 22 acres with a large common area with direct access to the river. Riverstone was designed as a long-term solution that, when combined with other efforts and initiatives already underway in Halifax County, would create jobs for the current workforce and provide future opportunities for numerous businesses within various industries

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