After ten years on the 16th floor of an office building in New York, Markel realized they needed more space to support their growing team. Their concerns: the current space was heavily segmented—and spreading onto a second floor would not only be costly, but further the divide between coworkers. After conducting a space occupancy study we found that moving  Markel onto the eighth floor (perfect for watching the Macy’s Day Parade) would be the best decision for their goals. The move drew them out of their private offices and into a modern, light-filled space: where the lunchroom, lobby, and reception area opened up and allowed for easy flow of guests and employees alike, where a grab-and-go coffee setup provided space for people to mingle or keep their heads down, and where private work or meeting space was abundant and variable. The new space provided a 52% increase in staff space and 540% increase in total meeting seats, poising the team for further future growth.
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