Baskervill designed a new vehicle maintenance facility and the repair and modernization of the reserve training center facility at the Marine Corps Reserve base in Wilmington. This was Baskervill’s first project with the Marine Corps. The existing facility consisted of two 2-story buildings and a drill hall / gymnasium. Housed within these buildings are various offices, conference rooms, training classrooms, locker rooms, medical rooms, exercise rooms, and the fleet maintenance facility. Baskervill was charged with the complete renovation of both 2-story buildings and the drill hall, while designing a brand new fleet maintenance building on the same site. As part of the renovation, new offices, conference rooms, and training classrooms were designed, along with an expanded medical wing and exercise room, a lounge area, and a virtual reality training room. With the redesign of the various spaces, brand new finishes and furniture were installed throughout the entire facility, including the drill hall. The new fleet maintenance building was designed to be twice the size of the existing area and provides the Marines with the ability to work on multiple vehicles, additional storage, and office space. This project achieved LEED Silver certification. Likewise the team was awarded the NAVFAC STAR award for safety on a major project.

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