DCCU’s Lexington branch is a stand-alone member center located on a narrow site along bustling Route 11. The building, oriented to face traffic and angled for additional exposure, is carefully positioned to facilitate parking and exterior ATM lanes that do not inhibit traffic flow. The project builds upon Baskervill’s past work for DCCU and research done through our Sightline process, used to guide decision-makers toward shared consensus and a singular vision for design.

Designed with the credit union’s brand standards and delivery model in mind, the 4,136-sf facility evokes a warm atmosphere with earth tones and familiar materials like brick and wood, while the predominantly glass façade provides natural light and showcases DCCU’s delivery model from the exterior. A variety of progressive yet welcoming and inviting spaces facilitate many banking tasks. To promote one-on-one transactions, offices exist as meeting spaces rather than assigned workspace for employees—a gesture that reinforces the DCCU’s commitment to building personal relationships and serving the local community.

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