COLAB aspires to remove complexity from companies’ all-important websites. So when they were quickly outgrowing their space, it’s no surprise they wanted a no-fuss transition. The end result shows that simple design can be edgy. Their office lets the grit and heritage of the industrial location’s exposed brick and rafters take center stage, complemented with a sleek color palette. COLAB’s custom furniture offers a modern dash with interesting shapes and flexibility for workers. To meet the web design shop’s technology needs and its cultural wants, there’s a careful balance of public and private spaces.

COLAB’s staff was actively involved in the entire design process, eager to craft that perfect experience for full-timers and visitors—and find the best place to stash their bikes. Adjustable lighting, a fully-stocked break room and vaulted ceilings became a powerful trifecta to fuel client inspiration and employee productivity.

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