Call Federal Credit Union, one of our longtime clients, is taking their model in a whole new direction given the financial industry’s tumultuous shakeup. Instead of oversized, freestanding member centers, they’re moving toward smaller, more efficiently designed spaces that encourage people to be the hero of their financial life story.

Our design focuses on creating an environment that exudes warmth and hospitality and moves beyond making members feel welcome. Teller pods offer members an easy spot for quick transactions and conversations, while two unassigned offices are a secure place for private conversations. Instead of a tech bar, the member center has a tech zone for staff members to educate and members to recharge devices, while an in-lobby teller offers yet another option for interaction. Call Federal’s employees are trained to fill all roles, allowing the staff to rotate in and out of one of the most critical positions: ambassador. This operational shift in customer service creates an immediate connection between members and staff.

The open, flexible floorplan allows members to come in after hours for meetings and events, giving them ownership of the space. Instead of a typical coffee station, there’s an actual bar and cozy seating, too. Industrial design elements like stamped concrete flooring serve as the perfect subdued backdrop to the member center’s vibrant color palette. Inspired by Call Federal’s logo, the space is fresh, friendly, and modern. Bold graphics— both print and digital—coalesce to create a multimedia collage of strategically crafted marketing messages.

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