Our Story

Let’s start at the beginning, in 1897—the year Amelia Earhart was born, the Library of Congress opened, and Frank Lloyd Wright moved his famous firm to the legendary Steinway Hall. Much further south, in the heart of Richmond, Va., architect William Churchill Noland and electrical engineer Henry Baskervill partnered to form a smaller practice. From this humble foundation, the firm worked its way up to prominent residential projects—including homes along historic Monument Avenue—and built quite a reputation in the process. Just six years after the company was founded, Noland and Baskervill received a prestigious commission to design an addition to Thomas Jefferson’s Capitol building.

Designs for the St. James Episcopal Church in Richmond, and Swannanoa, the summer residence of the Dooley family, followed. Signature Baskervill projects including the Medical College of Virginia’s West Hospital (now VCU Health System), the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, and the Richmond Public Library have become beloved landmarks woven into the fabric of the city’s history. In fact, the drawings for many of these early projects completed between 1897 and 1951 are in storage at the Virginia Historical Society.

While our name has evolved—from Noland and Baskervill to Baskervill & Lambert, Baskervill & Son, Baskerville & Son, and finally to Baskervill sans “e”—our belief in meaningful, transformative design and close partnerships with clients hasn’t changed a bit. Mergers with firms like Tyler, Nash and Farmer (1984), Hochheiser Ross Design Group (1999), Rose Architects (1999), and BAM Architects (2013) have helped us to reinvent ourselves in pivotal ways while reinforcing the fundamental values we’ve held all along.

Over the course of the past fifteen years, we have grown from a small, local firm licensed in just Virginia and Maryland into a nationally recognized design practice licensed and working in 45 states and Puerto Rico.

 It might seem like a revolutionary shift, but it’s all part of a purposeful, strategic vision for the future: we’re advancing with our clients to explore the incredible possibilities of their brands as we strengthen and develop our own.