Explore Design


At Baskervill, we’re dedicated to supporting design education, both in our office and throughout the Greater Richmond area. This commitment is the foundation for Explore Design, an annual, experiential program dedicated to examining design in its many forms. Over the course of seven interactive sessions, students between the ages of 14 and 20 get a behind-the-scenes look at design concepts and industry careers through lectures, hands-on activities, and project site visits. We explore by modeling, building, drawing, making, discussing, studying, and collaborating.

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There’s still time to sign up! Registration is open until January 6, 2020.

Contact Sheena Mayfield at smayfield@baskervill.com.

Led by architects and design professionals, program activities vary each year to keep lessons fresh and engaging for new and returning students alike. Over the past 16 seasons, Explorers have studied structural connections by constructing with toothpicks and gumdrops; brushed up on branding by designing and screen printing logos in a local design studio; and delved into design implementation by visiting local construction sites (including SwimRVA, Polykon, the Black History Museum, and more!).


We’ve now been hosting Explore Design for more than a decade, so we’ve had time to see our Explorers pursue design degrees, intern at Baskervill during their final years in school, and even become employees. (Read a Q&A with one of our past participants, who is now an architectural intern in Washington DC.) While the program is a great place for students to discover if a design profession is the right fit for them, we believe it’s about something bigger. Our goal is to show students that design is everywhere—and that no matter what career path they pursue, they can be designers if they approach their work with intention and creativity.

Explore Design Inclement Weather Policy: If Richmond City Public Schools are canceled (for the day or for evening activities) then we will not meet. Cancellations are posted on their website