Faison School for Autism

Faison School for Autism - Richmond, VA Faison School for Autism - Richmond, VA
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Winner of Two Presitigious Awards

In order to transform a 1950s international-style office building into the new Faison School for Autism, Baskervill’s design team embraced a research- and collaboration-based design approach. A series of “discovery” sessions were conducted and included faculty, staff and parents to ensure all points of view were represented. Consistent feedback requested design solutions that were functional, practical, safe and supportive of the learning process while maintaining a fun, youthful spirit. The collective team toured various schools, daycare facilities and unexpected sources of inspiration including restaurants and retail shops. Exploring a broad range of kid-friendly environments served as a creative catalyst inspiring some of the alternative learning features in the final design, such as exterior courtyard classrooms and caterpillar activity zones. The end result is a warm, residential-inspired palette with colorful accents that appeals to all ages.

2010 Outstanding Design - Special Needs Interiors
(American School & University Educational Interiors)

2009 Best Institutional or Public Project
(Greater Richmond Association for Commercial Real Estate)

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