Chesapeake Capital Corporation

Chesapeake Capital Corporation - Richmond, VA Chesapeake Capital Corporation - Richmond, VA
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Immersion process helps Chesapeake Capital Coporation identify their ideal working style and environment. 

When Chesapeake Capital Corporation decided to move to the Federal Reserve Bank Building, it was less to do about client perception and impression and more to do with staff integration. They previously worked in a two-story brick colonial suburban office building where everyone either had an individual office or were in small clusters of conventional workstation cubicles. Through Baskervill’s Immersion® process, it became clear that they wanted to improve collaboration and teamwork. The final design solution features an elevator lobby bookended by a ‘front porch’ concept – a semi-formal place for meeting while taking in the river view and by a kitchen that is designed to be a casual meeting place. The workspaces are completely open around the perimeter and designed to include cantilevered surfaces and mobile pedestals. There are also a few offices, most of which are positioned along the core with glass fronts and sliding doors to allow natural light, conversation and staff interaction to be easily accessible.

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