Big River Advertising

Big River Advertising - Richmond, VA Big River Advertising - Richmond, VA
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People believe people. Big River’s successful niche in the cut-throat world of advertising is based on that simple, yet fundamental, belief. 

Their portfolio reflects believable brands that change behavior and restore consumer trust. So when the agency doubled in size and decided to move into a historic warehouse for more space, Baskervill seized the moment to create a work environment that conveyed Big River’s unique brand and culture. Baskervill’s Immersion® process led a company-wide vision meeting to translate Big River’s corporate culture and business goals into physical space. Immersion uncovered the language to describe their brand and implement it in their new space. Words including authentic, creative, irreverent and approachable became the creative catalyst for reclaimed barnwood floors, comfortable client presentation lounges and exposed ceilings to create a relaxed yet inspiring atmosphere. The new agency environment serves as a physical symbol of Big River’s brand and culture, and company executives are excited about the impact on creative talent retention and recruitment.

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